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Teaching Staff

Many people think that because the school day ends at 1:30 PM teachers just leave, but, the truth is, we stay late and often put in more than 8 hours of work a day. It is almost every day that we take work home with us. Yes, we do have summers off but we are constantly thinking about the school year to come and working on our skills. We teachers at MIS are very attached to our student’s; they are always in our minds.

Teacher’s, MIS

Our academic excellence is carried forth by our highly trained and qualified teachers who also deeply identify with our vision. The staff members are chosen after a rigorous selection process. As part of our various skill- training programmes, we also impart special training to our teachers on a regular basis to keep them updated about newer trends in the teaching methodology. We believe that teachers are not only imparting learning but also act as role models who need to display qualities of a leader so that the students are influenced in a positive way.

Education Background

Selection Process

The teacher selection process at MIS is an elaborate exercise with various quality measures in place. The candidate is expected to meet the high standards of teaching skills that we follow strictly. The prime focus of the Board is on:

  At MIS we believe that good learning is majorly dependent upon the quality and competency of the staff members. Hence the institution formulates a deeper understanding of the teacher selection process.

  A number of guidelines and criteria are carefully put in place to select the best faculty in the teaching industry.

  Each application form is looked into with great detail and a thorough background check of the candidate is done.

 The shortlisted candidate is called for a screening interview with our selection panel.

 The short-listed candidate has to qualify a written aptitude test and demonstrate his teaching skills in order to judge his/her core competencies.

  Every selected candidate has to undergo an exhaustive Q & A session with the head of the school.

 The selected candidate should possess some invaluable qualities like: good understanding of the instructional methodology, a team player, display leadership skills and should be totally dedicated to the cause of “Excellence in Education and All-Round Development”.

 Each candidate is screened through a unique recruitment policy in which the interview panel looks for crucial competencies and resources while appointing a teacher.

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