Chairman Message

Ram Naresh Sharma

(Chairman of Magadh Educational Trust)



Rabindranath Tagore wrote - 'Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high...' lines which echo the innermost feelings of every free-spirited, nation-loving Indian. It is that 'heaven of freedom' that we need to take our country to by grooming the future of India, our children.
Schooling is, without doubt, the foundation stone upon which the life of an individual is built. In today's fast-paced and competitive world, the importance of schooling can in no way be undermined; the fundamental and basic value system that develops during the schooling of an individual remains for a lifetime. Thus, schools as a social institution, must cater to this need of society to make it more value-based with strong values and ethics. Apart from these value systems which get inculcated in a student's life, there is another dimension of schooling which is equally pertinent when it comes to children's education i.e. learning. Learning and value systems mould the final character of our children. At MIS, we help children to develop the four pillars of learning, which are Knowledge, Skills, Disposition and Feelings. A child's character cannot be developed without the amalgamation of these four pillars.
MIS, established in 2012 has delivered excellent academic performances and holistically nurtured students to be leading agents of change in society.
Helping our children along the way are our dedicated teachers; professionals who are teachers by choice and who have an intense zeal to nurture young minds. They go through regular orientations to add value to their existing knowledge bank. Every teacher at MIS's has taken developing the children as his or her personal responsibility. One must understand how daunting it is to handle a class with forty young minds. Every small problem faced by our children is important for our teachers. Spreading happiness among the students is something our teachers take very seriously. From lesson plans to evaluation, everything is effective and efficient.
Our school provides well equipped libraries, computer and science laboratories and spacious classrooms with a healthy student-teacher ratio.
I encourage parents of prospective students to read this prospectus thoroughly and comprehend what MIS is all about, and we assure you that we will take good care of your child's spiritual, intellectual and physical growth.

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