The school is equipped with the latest Computer technology, Desktop, Laptops, Printers and Internet facility are part of computer lab. This will help the students to update the knowledge in the field of science and technology and enable the students to learn more practically, using all modern systems of education. Internet, e-mail, video conferencing are the most important features of this set up. Students are regularly taught all the new concepts in computer technology and they are allowed to actively participate in the demonstration.
The major impact of this facility is that the students will be able to handle all the computer related process at home and work after they come out of the school. Our specially trained computer faculty will put all their efforts to make the child computer wiz kid. In addition to this, the computer lab will also be the hub for various entertainment modes.


Music is the soul of the cosmos. The school introduces the students to the wonderful world of music in its own unique way and at the same time, it helps them to unwind from the daily routine of studies. The MIS provides training in a variety of disciplines in music and dance which the children have freedom to choose from. The musical instruments include drums, tabla, congo, dholak, naal, bongo, guitar, sitar, violin, santoor, sarod, xylophone, harmonium and many more.
The school has dedicated and gifted teachers in the faculty to ignite and sustain the creative spark in the students. The universal language of music and dance forms helps students from across communities to bond and provides the perfect nutriment for the mind, body and soul.


The Library is a fantastic resource where both students and staff can work and learn effectively as well as undertaking reading for pleasure. The Library aims to provide a user-friendly multimedia resource centre for the school community. In order to respond to the needs of both the school and the curriculum, we are committed to an on-going programme of improvement, providing equality of access to a variety of resources, including books, e-books, journals, newspapers, online databases and DVDs for students and staff
We aim to provide a welcoming and inclusive learning environment, one in which a passion for reading and a positive attitude to learning is actively promoted.


MIS has well-equipped laboratories for imparting practical knowledge in Physics, Chemistry and Biology. All the laboratories are well-stocked with sufficient chemicals, specimens and instruments so that every student gets the opportunity to carry out the experiments individually.
Well-qualified and experienced teachers guide the students to explore the world of science through a meticulously planned schedule of practical classes. Moreover, the safety of every child while handling the chemicals and instruments is duly taken care of.


In addition to drawing and painting students explore a wide range of crafts including pottery, handmade paper, recycling of paper, cotton spinning, weaving and textiles.
Our arts and crafts facilities are well resourced based on Indian traditions and culture. Students are educated to learn and appreciate art and take pride and pleasure in colours and creativity.


In an evolved learning environment, children's development extends beyond the educational syllabic and the classroom. Sports and indoor activities, apart from aiding the development of motor skills, physical stamina, flexibility, balance and strength, help nurture team spirit and overall camaraderie – attributes that are greatly valued later in life.


The school emphasizes on the over all personality development of the children. This is an area where nothing can be compromised. It decides the future growth of the child in a multi dimensional level. Formalities and etiquettes are the most important things connected with this field. In addition to this, children are taught the interacting techniques.


Theatre enables the development and understanding of the self as well as the exploration of self in relation to others. It helps the development of critical empathy for fellow humans and towards the natural, physical and social worlds.
Through theatre/street-plays students are given opportunity to create their own dramas and attend plays presented by others also bringing about social awareness through street-plays. Through this medium of learning, students are transported to worlds past, present, and future --- the ultimate in "virtual reality.”


The school promotes an inclusion agenda for all children. Children with Special Educational Needs are integrated into all classes and given appropriate help where needed. There is always a discussion with parents before extra support is organised and dialogue continues so that parents are kept informed of their child's progress and of the stage at which the child is working as outlined in the Special Needs Code of Practice. We have an identified member of staff, who supports the work of children with special.

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